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ZDHC Updates Draft Wastewater Guidelines

The Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) group is changing up its draft wastewater guidelines.

The anti-chemical discharge program in 2015 held a review of existing wastewater guidelines, which demonstrated that wastewater guidelines varied greatly among brands. In an effort to bring together industry efforts, clarify requirements throughout the value-chain and reduce duplication, ZDHC is creating a unified wastewater discharge expectation for the whole industry.

At the moment, the new wastewater discharge expectation is a draft. The guidelines feature analytical test methods and sampling procedures that allow ZDHC brands and suppliers to upload testing results on a new ZDHC portal. ZDHC created this single wastewater discharge expectation to efficiently address hazardous substances discharged into the environment during the supply chain process.

Expected outcomes include ensuring wastewater discharge does not have a negative effect upon the community and environment, creating a harmonized monitoring and testing program to help ZDHC brands and suppliers share discharge information and increasing operational efficiency by making wastewater reporting transparent throughout supply chains.

Currently ZDHC is holding an open review for civil society, the government, the private sector and other interested stakeholders to help develop the wastewater guidelines. All submissions will include suggested improvements and guideline support decisions.

The new wastewater discharge expectation will remain a draft until public consultation ends on Aug. 14.