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BOPIS Adoption Rates Show Gen Z Loves a Sure Thing

Young shoppers love mixing channels, using e-commerce to find what they want and then retrieve their orders in brick-and-mortar stores.

In fact, of the 58 percent of the 1,069 18-to-25-year-olds polled by retail locker vendor Package Concierge who have made a purchase through the buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) model, two-thirds have done so in just the past month alone.

Though they’re dubbed digital natives, the behavior of consumers straddling the Gen Z/millennial divide show they’re also fans of the physical store. Sixty percent claimed they visited a mall in the week prior to the May 29-June 8, 2019 survey period, and most (90 percent) were enticed to purchase.

Automated self-service retail lockers have their place in the BOPIS game, giving customers the convenience of picking up their purchase without waiting in line for assistance. In fact, 30 percent of shoppers surveyed by Package Concierge admitted using a locker to retrieve a purchase, and 60 percent noted that they chose a retailer offering BOPIS over a similar competitor without that omnichannel feature, “showing that it literally pays for retailers to adopt a strong automated BOPIS strategy,” the company said.

Amazon and Walmart might be busy playing the next-day delivery war but Gen Z and millennials often crave the near instant gratification of getting their hands on their orders in far fewer than 24 hours. Earning their “digital native” credentials, 23 percent reported buying “everything” online, though next-day shipping isn’t quite fast enough for their tastes.

BOPIS seems to satisfy the “on my terms” way that young shoppers live their digitally connected lives. Nearly one-third (30 percent) describe themselves as last-minute shoppers for whom in-store pickup makes logistical sense, and another 40-plus percent like the security that BOPIS offers in knowing the product they want is confirmed to be in stock nearby—ensuring they’re not wasting their time on a trip to the store.

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The good news for retailers? The death of the store has been greatly exaggerated, and given the right omnichannel services, Gen Z and younger millennials’ affinity for brick-and-mortar is poised to continue.

“The survey validates what we’ve known to be true—shopping behaviors are evolving and consumers want options that include both online and in-store experiences,” Package Concierge founder Georgianna W. Oliver said.

“As retailers work to market to the coveted Generation Z demographic, they must implore modern methods to attract younger shoppers,” she continued. The BOPIS strategy is only as strong as the ease and innovation of its fulfillment method, which is why we’re seeing traction for our automated locker system that simplifies and secures the entire process for both retailers and shoppers.

“The findings just scratch the surface in uncovering helpful insights about young consumers, and we’re excited to help share their voice so retailers can better understand what they want from their shopping experience,” Oliver said.