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This is the Kind of Shopper Every Retailer Wants

Is the ideal shopper the one who transacts online or the one who still likes the physicality of the brick-and-mortar experience?

Turns out, it’s the shopper who enjoys—and needs—them both.

A new OrderDynamics survey identified the “Holy Grail” Click and Collect Superconsumer as a woman aged 25-49 years of age earning between $50,000 and $100,000, who shops more frequently than others, is more inclined (41 percent) to make unplanned purchases when retrieving orders in-store, and spends an additional $40 on average when doing so.

For this highly desirable consumer, each channel complements the other. She claims to shop online an average of 45 times per year, well above her less retail-happy peers, and she’s been using click-and-collect services for two or more years, OrderDynamics found. She likes the benefits of e-commerce, like browsing a wider assortment than what can fit inside a store’s four walls, but would never give up the ability to interact with and try on products in a brick-and-mortar facility, especially where apparel and footwear are concerned.

The Superconsumer expects a super experience when she’s visiting a shop to fetch her order, and that means making the pickup as seamless as possible. Though retailers hope positioning the Online Order pickup station at the rear of the store will encourage spontaneous browsing and incremental purchases, the shopper typically wants to get in and out quickly. Making this aspect of the click-and-collect experience a hassle could deter her from choosing this fulfillment option in the future. Compared to other consumers, her expectations for order pick time are reasonable. Most (78 percent) Click and Collect Superconsumers want items to be ready for retrieval within 24 hours, while more than half (53 percent) of Occasional Consumers are more demanding and expect to be able to get their orders in just two hours.

With smartphones a notable factor in the Superconsumer’s shopping habits and mobile app-based sales growing 16 percent annually, 89 percent of retailers said they’re planning to invest more heavily in mobility in order to capture opportunities there, according to OrderDynamics.

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Despite how much more often she shops, OrderDynamics found that the Superconsumer makes comparatively fewer returns, 19 annually compared with the Occasional Consumer’s 39—and she’s more likely to pick up additional items when she’s in store making a return (53 percent versus 43 percent). For retailers, the store environment itself serves as an opportunity to continue enticing this high-value consumer who clearly enjoys the total experience of shopping.

“The term ‘consumer’ has been used in the broadest sense to include a more general demographic of retail shoppers,” said OrderDynamics CEO Nick McLean. “But with significant investments being made to improve omnichannel operations, it is important to understand the preferences and needs of consumers most likely to use offerings like click and collect. Through this research, retailers can grow their business and remain competitive by understanding exactly who the ‘Superconsumer’ is.”