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3M Debuts High-Tech Reflective Material for Activewear

Developing stylish and discreet reflective garments is possible with 3M’s latest innovation.

The global science company launched a new high-performance reflective material for activewear designers. Dubbed C790 Carbon Black Stretch Transfer Film, the new reflective material is versatile and provides durability for wearers regardless of their physical activity.

“Designers of active apparel no longer have to compromise when they want a high performing, on-trend reflective material, said 3M global market development manager Ryan Gallagher. “C790 carbon black transfer film is the deepest black and highest stretch reflective material we’ve ever made, meaning designers now have a single material that can blend in, stand out and move with any active pursuit or dynamic lifestyle.”

In the daytime, the film is a deep black-colored material that isn’t visible on clothing. When illuminated at night though, the film delivers reflective brightness that’s durable through wear or washing. Due to its low-temp bonding capability, it can also adhere to many fabrics without causing damage.

Unlike other colorized-silver reflective materials, 3M’s carbon black technology makes the color permanent to the material’s composition. The technology also heightens visibility in low-light conditions, since it helps provide off-angle brightness. With its adhering and brightness capabilities, the film can accommodate many applications on apparel worn for cycling, motorsports, running and training.

Over the past few years, 3M has witnessed an increase in sales, as consumers pursue different types of exercise, including night runs. Since pedestrian accidents remain common, 3M’s materials remain a core component of keeping consumers safe while they workout in low-visibility environments.