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4 Fashion Trends Destined for Commercial Success in 2019

The industry hasn’t seen the last of cycling shorts.

Sustainability and more fashion relics from the ’80s and ’90s are among the trends retail analytics firm Edited expects will see commercial success in 2019.

Here’s a look into Edited’s crystal ball.

Sustainable swimwear

A dose of good karma is on its way to the swim category. With an estimated 12.7 million tons of plastic in the ocean, Edited said swimwear brands are stepping up to plate with sustainable collections made with recycled fibers. Data shows swim products described as “eco” or “recycled” increased 82 percent from Q4 2017 to Q4 2018.

And the trend is reaching every price point. The 147-piece recycled swimwear collection by fast fashion e-tailer Asos spans a $6.37 recycled microfiber Brazilian bottom to $61.10 recycled sequin-embellished swimsuits.

Alicia Swim
Alicia Swim Alicia Swim

Meanwhile, independent labels like model Alicia Rountree’s sustainable swim line, Alicia Swim, retails for $115 to $280. The collection is made with Econyl, a technical yarn spun from regenerated nylon. The nylon is typically sourced from fishing nets intercepted in coastal areas.

Bike shorts

The bike shorts trend won’t be slowing down any time soon. The sporty and youthful trend, which should have tapered in the fall with the rest of the shorts category, actually saw movement, Edited said.

With affordable retailers like Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing being “deeply invested in the bicycle short,” Edited said consumers can expect to see more varieties in a multitude of colorways, prints and fabrics.

Designers also have an opportunity to build off the polarizing trend. Edited suggested more sophisticated tailored versions as an updated city short.

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Glow colors

From fanny packs and track suits, to acid wash jeans, the revival of ’80 and ’90s fashion has brought with it many attention-grabbing style choices. However, none more loud than the neon glow colors rejuvenating the young men’s category.

MSGM Sgpitalia/REX/Shutterstock

Yellow and green dominated the runway of labels like MSGM and Xander Chou. The colors blanket streetwear items like sport tops, sweatshirts and bomber jackets.

And don’t forget about pink. Edited says neon pink may be a safe way to dabble in the trend since it has had a proven track record at retail for several seasons.

Functional utility

Another gem from the ongoing ’90s trend—cargo pants—is gaining momentum. Baggy styles with oversized pockets are particularly important, Edited reports, as fashion cycles into “peak layer” season and transitions away from skinny silhouettes.

The workwear trend is shaping up to be a key look in Spring ’19 denim,too.

Cargo pants
Cargo pants Wayne Tippetts/REX/Shutterstock

Data shows that U.K. retailers are already seeing a 65 percent increase of new cargo pants for women compared to last quarter and the number of cargo pants in the U.S. has increased 26 percent year-over-year.

However, retailers are pricing the trendy item competitively. Between Oct. 1 and Dec.13, Edited said the average full price was $37.75, or 17.9% lower than last year’s average.