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Adidas Golf Unveils Streamlined Footwear Design

Adidas Golf is pulling out all the stops with its next generation of golf footwear. On Monday the company released the tour360 x footwear collection—a lightweight, streamlined shoe that incorporates many of Adidas’ finest performance innovations, including weather-protecting ClimaProof and stability-enhancing CenTraXion technologies.

Masun Denison, Adidas Golf director of global footwear product marketing, said the new model takes design cues from 360 models of the past, but that it has been advanced by new materials. The shoe, made with a microfiber leather upper and a new nine-cleat ThinTech TPU outsole, was designed to increase surface area contact and stability throughout the swing, while maintaining green-friendliness, which is achieved by placing low-profile stealth cleats on the TPU outsole. The redesigned sculpted TPU cuts the shoe’s weight and provides better flexibility and stability where the wearer needs it the most—on the swingplane. For added comfort, the shoe boasts an ultra soft EVA foam throughout the midsole.

A version of the shoe equipped with Adidas’ Boa Technology will also be available—a first in Adidas Golf’s portfolio. The signature Boa closure system incorporates a dial on the shoe’s tongue that enables fast and easy adjustability for a precise fit.

The tour360 x will be available in three colorways starting Nov. 1, followed by three more colors in February 2015. The shoe will retail for $140. The tour360 x Boa will be offered in two color options on Dec. 1 and will retail for $180.