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Aerie Gets Real With Underwear Campaign Featuring Unretouched Male Models

Photo: from American Eagle’s blog

American Eagle’s lingerie label Aerie has launched an underwear line for men—and it’s accompanied by a male version of its much lauded #AerieReal ad campaign.

Featuring the tagline “The real you is sexy,” #AerieMan debuted Wednesday and stars four guys of varying shapes and sizes in a series of videos and unretouched photos on its website. The new campaign seeks to continue the conversation started two years by the brand’s women’s line, when it started showcasing shots that challenged unrealistic supermodel standards.

“Our latest campaign is all about spreading the body-positive, self-loving vibes of the #AerieReal campaign to a bigger audience,” the brand said in a blog post.

Earlier this month, American Eagle reported that Aerie comparable sales rose 26 percent in the fourth quarter and 20 percent in fiscal 2015, compared to an increase of 3 percent and 7 percent in total brand comps in the respective periods. The company pointed out that Aerie’s body-positive campaign played a big part in the lingerie label’s success last year.

Now that it’s seen how Photoshop-free advertising can boost the business’ bottom line, American Eagle is hoping to keep that momentum going with men.