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Anthony Squires Releases Naturally Storm-Proof Merino Wool Trench Coat

One of The Woolmark Company’s longest-standing licensees has produced an Australian first.

Anthony Squires, a tailored menswear brand established in southeast Australia in 1948, is celebrating 50 years as a Woolmark licensee with the launch of Dillon, a trench coat made from a new 100 percent Australian Merino wool fabric called Tempest that’s both wind resistant and water repellent. The topper also features a detachable warmer which is made from the fabric, too.

“In 2014 we met with Anthony Squires representatives at the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel fabrics trade fair and showed them a fabric we were developing with the Nanshan Group,” The Woolmark Company’s product development and commercialization manager, Jimmy Jackson, explained in a statement, noting the brand’s “immediate” interest.

So, what makes the fabric naturally weather resistant and breathable, without the use of chemicals or special finishes? It’s all down to the production process. As the outer layer of the trench coat is being manufactured, the 19 micron Australian Merino wool fibers are pre-stretched and then temporarily set, which causes the fabric to super-contract during the finishing stage, resulting in a higher weave density.

Woolmark said it’s the first of its kind to be commercially available in Australia.

“We had been looking for an innovative fabric solution for a trench coat for a while and not seen anything that combined long-lasting weather resistance with the luxurious hand feel offered by Australian wool,” Marina Cherny, product development manager at Anthony Squires, said, adding, “When The Woolmark Company showed me the product they were helping develop, I was absolutely stunned. I saw it as a revolutionary concept—extra-fine quality pure wool with water repellent and wind resistant properties that will last for the life of the garment and without any chemical finishes or coatings.”