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Apparel Brands’ Secret Weapon That Fights the Elements

For people that love wearing black in the summer, brands have a state-of-the-art solution: nanotechnology. From outside coatings to microbe-killing silver ions, nanotechnology keeps consumers cool, dry and fresh in hot weather.

German-based brand Phoebe Heess recently created the ultimate black T-shirt for the warmer months. A hybrid between athleisure and minimalism, Heess’ Vampireblack T-Shirt doesn’t feel different with sun exposure.

“I wanted to do something to help prevent poor, sweaty goths ruining their make-up,” Heess said in a recent Dazed interview.

Not only did Heess set out to obtain the blackest material possible, but she also invested in nanotechnology to create her wardrobe staple.  Heess applied the same science used to keep automobiles cool to her Vampireblack T-shirt with Coldblack, a special nano-tech coating from other industry markets. Coldblack absorbs visible light from the sun while reflecting invisible heat rays. The performance fabric also features silver ions to keep out body odor, so consumers can stay cool and fresh without compromising their style.

New York-based performance wear brand West 56 also took nanotechnology to new heights with its customized Cool Collection fabric, which promises to keep consumers comfortable in extreme heat. Nanotechnology featured in this fabric includes high performance microfiber filaments to keep the body cool, in addition to UV-reflecting fibers that also protect users from sunburns.