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Blanks Plus Expands Eco-Friendly Blank Apparel Line

Premium blank apparel distributor, Blanks Plus, is stepping up its offering of eco-friendly blanks and taking basics to high-end to meet the demand of today’s more fashion forward, environmentally conscious consumers.

The company is expanding its MOCO line of premium eco-friendly blank apparel with two fabric options, Eco-Hybrid and MicroModal.

Eco-Hybrid, according to Blanks Plus, is the finest eco-cotton blend available and introduces a quality generally reserved for designer brands to basics screen printers, embroiderers and fashion retailers and distributors can use. The 100 percent natural, synthetic-free fabric is made from a blend of premium combed cotton and Lenzing Modal fibers, then finished through a proprietary treatment process.

The result is a fabric boasting cotton’s strength and durability and Modal’s soft hand, with a printing surface touted as “exceptionally smooth.” The Eco-Hybrid fabric is made from sustainable Beech Tree and is 100 percent biodegradable.

MicroModal, considered the world’s softest eco-fiber, is also part of the MOCO line. The fabric is made from extra-fine Modal fiber, making it light and almost silky, providing both an ideal drape and printing surface, according to Blanks Plus.

The company designs, manufactures and distributes its products from Los Angeles, California, so its eco line also appeals to brands seeking Made in USA product.

Vicki Jo Costanzo, owner of Ice Time Apparel and customer of Blanks Plus, said, “The apparel from BLANKS PLUS is beautifully made and their customer service is great,” adding that, “We prefer to buy items made in the USA, so knowing that the fabric and clothing are both manufactured right here in Los Angeles is a big selling point for us.”