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California Market Center Launches New Athleisure Tradeshow, Shape

The California Market Center (CMC) announced on Monday the launch of a new altheisure lifestyle tradeshow, SHAPE, set to take place March 16-18, 2015.

SHAPE Tradeshow is a juried exhibition of products geared toward the athleisure lifestyle, a growing trend marrying athletic and leisure apparel. The trend is targeted toward women who do health and fitness activities, attracting buyers from luxury spas, better retailers, resorts and boutique yoga studios to SHAPE during LA’S Fashion Market.

Brittany Carr, director of events at the CMC, said, “Projections and trends in retail show sharp sales decreases in staple purchases such as denim and casual pants and a strong increase active wear.” She added, “The growing trend in fashion is in the newly coined ‘athlesiure’ category, athletic + leisure, with women and teens wearing luxe athletic gear and yoga wear in lieu of denim or other casual wear.”

Other athleisure brands like Style Stalker Active are also scheduled to exhibit at the show. Rachel Zelic of Style Stalker said, “There really is a blur between ‘normal’ clothes and ‘workout’ clothes.” She added that everyone in Los Angeles leads a healthy lifestyle, raising the demand for an outfit suitable for someone to wear to work who exercises during lunch.

SHAPE is expected to become an essential forum to help its active brands gain exposure, meet potential clients and work as the ultimate platform to schedule showings with existing clients.