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Skip to main content Petition Drives Old Navy to Change Its Plus Size Policies

Old Navy is trying to make good with over 95,000 people who signed a petition protesting the retailer’s policies regarding its plus size apparel business.

Starting Dec. 5, the Gap Inc.-owned retailer will allow in-store returns of its plus size apparel purchased online. Previously, shoppers had to mail back unwanted products. The company will also form a new customer panel to gather insight that will further enhance its plus size offerings.

In a statement, Old Navy spokesperson Edie Kissko said, “This group, which will kick off in January, will focus on discussion, fashion brainstorming and product feedback directly to the Old Navy design and marketing teams. Meeting four times a year, they will test drive new Old Navy women’s plus designs and serve as a sounding board for the Plus Design team. We are excited about the ways in which their input will enhance the Old Navy customer experience.”

However, the company is not lowering the price of its women’s plus size apparel.

Consumers took to the web to voice their concern about the retailer’s plus size pricing when the petition claimed Old Navy was charging $12 to $15 more for plus size women’s jeans, but not charging more for jeans for “big” men. The petition, created by Renee Posey, said the retailer’s approach to selling plus size apparel was “entirely unfair and offensive on many levels.”

Old Navy acknowledged the price difference. Kissko stated, “Some of our customers have pointed out that our women’s plus line is priced differently than our men’s extended sizes line and they’re right—it is.” She added, “It’s priced differently because it is different. We invest more in our product, and we’re proud of what we deliver.”