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Coats Introduces Adhesive Thread for Hems

Coats plc, the world’s leading industrial thread and consumer textile company, is launching Hemseal, an adhesive thread for hems. This product offers a new way to fix and maintain hems of tailored clothing.

The Hemseal adhesive has a low melt portion that attaches to the fabric when heat is applied to it, acting as a backup to hold the hem.

Rajiv Sharma, CEO of Coats’ Industrial Division, said, “The advantage of Hemseal is that the hem remains in place even if the blind stitch used to sew it unravels. This helps enhance the durability of the garment and will reduce those annoying ‘instant’ hem drops that can happen in clothing like tailored suits and school uniforms.”

Blind stitching is often used to hem garments as it is a neat and hidden method of stitching using a single thread, but it can easily unravel resulting in a dropped hem. Hemseal can be used on almost any type of fabric and because it is part of the hem construction, it can also be reactivated by pressing again.