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CoolVisions Filament Fabrics Add Hyosung Creora Eco-Soft Spandex

CoolVisions dyeable polypropylene filament fabrics are getting a new athleisure-approved material.

These special fabrics now feature Creora eco-soft, a spandex produced by synthetic fiber manufacturer Hyosung.

CoolVisions dyeable polypropylene filament already has favorable characteristics for performance fabrics, including silkiness, lightness and moisture transport. When Creora eco-soft is added to the filament, both create polypropylene-based stretch fabrics for athletic apparel, intimate apparel and competitive swimwear.

“We recommend the addition of Creora eco-soft spandex to provide an additional level of comfort and fit, and have worked closely with FiberVisions to optimize the fabric development process combining their new CoolVisions dyeable polypropylene filament and creora eco-soft,” Creora spandex global marketing director Ria Stern said.

As a low-heat settable spandex, Creora eco-soft adds dimensional stability to stretch fabrics. Unlike other high-gauge knits found in today’s activewear, intimates and swimwear apparel, Creora eco-soft has improved molding performance and less curling.

Beyond benefitting feel for consumers, pairing CoolVisions dyeable polypropylene fibers with Creora also promotes sustainable fiber production in the greater apparel industry.

“In addition, polyolefin fibers such CoolVisions polypropylene have the lowest carbon footprint of all synthetic fibers,” said FiberVisions U.S. marketing manager Susan Lynn. “By pairing CoolVisions dyeable polypropylene fibers with low-heat settable Creora eco-soft spandex, textile manufacturers can potentially reduce their CO2 emissions.”

The hybrid fabrics will be displayed at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in August.