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CurvExpo Preview: Adorn Les Dessous Debuts with Delicate Underpinnings

Adriene Biminand, co-founder of Adorn Les Dessous, said her Los Angeles-based lingerie label is making its debut at CurveNV@Magic (Feb. 16-18 as part of Magic Marketplace) with a couple of underthings she hopes her customers won’t mind sharing a glimpse of.

Showcasing a capsule collection of nine interchangeable all-ivory pieces—three bras, three bottoms, a garter, babydoll and robe—inspired by Biminand’s background in the bridal industry, Adorn Les Dessous uses the power of delicate details to balance between the boundaries of public and private.

“Using 100 percent silk georgette, delicate scalloped floral lace, seamless microfiber and sparkling crystal accents, our aim has been to create a collection of both editorial and classic silhouettes,” she shared, noting, “We love how beautiful lingerie can be incorporated into daily life.”

The idea behind the brand was a no-brainer: Following more than 15 years spent creating custom wedding accessories for clients all over the world, Bimimand began to get a lot of requests for bridal-lingerie referrals. Her customers moaned about struggling to source underpinnings that not only matched the accessories she was making for them, but that also had style, comfort and quality.

“A lightbulb went off and we thought, well hey, why don’t we use our experience from the bridal industry and try to address the void in the market and create a line that has thoughtful, unique details paired with quality materials and comfortable fit in a moderate price range?” she recalled.

But while Adorn’s roots are in the bridal industry, Bimimand intends to expand beyond that as she builds the brand. “Clean silhouettes with a bit of romanticism and a whimsical touch are just a few of the signatures we hope clients will associate with us as we develop our brand further,” she said.