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NFL’s Detroit Lions Partner with Repreve

The Detroit Lions NFL team has announced their sustainability partnership with Repreve, Unifi, Inc.’s recycled fiber brand. Repreve turns recycled plastic bottles into fabrics and is frequently used by companies including, The North Face, Volcom and Ford.

The Lions are the first NFL team to join Repreve’s #TurnItGreen campaign. This initiative encourages recycling efforts at the Lions NFL stadium and supports another movement to “Make the Smart Throw” by recycling plastic bottles instead of throwing them in the trash.

On Aug. 6 #TurnItGreen will launch these go-green efforts with a training camp at the Lion’s stadium, Ford Field, where fans will be invited to attend. During this practice, the team’s quarterbacks will wear green Repreve jerseys, each produced with 21 recycled plastic bottles. Fans in attendance will receive T-shirts, autograph cards, #TurnItGreen towels produced from three recycled bottles and other Repreve-based goodies.

Roger Berrier, president and chief operating officer of Unifi, Inc. explained, “Recycling is critical, yet surprisingly only 30 percent of plastic bottles are recycled in the U.S., significantly less than other countries.” He added, “Together with the Detroit Lions, we are working to highlight the ease of in-stadium recycling and showcase the benefits of recycling. Hopefully franchises from all major sports will follow the Lions’ lead and join the #TurnItGreen movement.”

Detroit Lions team president Tom Lewand said the team’s collaboration with Unifi and Repreve will serve as a platform to educate fans about the quality products that can be made from recycled materials.

Repreve and the Lions are hoping to achieve a 100 percent recycling rate throughout the next NFL season. As an incentive, if this goal is achieved the students at the Detroit Lions Academy will be given new Repreve clothing.