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Eastman and Unifi Partner on Performance Fibers

Another player has entered the performance fiber game.

Eastman Chemical Company, a U.S.-based producer of chemicals, fibers and plastics, announced the launch of Avra, a family of performance fibers created using a proprietary spinning technology.

“The apparel industry has known for decades that finer fibers create fabrics with softer hand and enhanced performance,” Tim Dell, Eastman vice president, said in a statement. “There is a limit, however, to how fine you can go and still knit or weave on conventional equipment.”

Made in the USA in collaboration with Unifi, Avra’s ultra-thin, ribbon-like polyester fibers are extruded and held together by a proprietary removable polymer (it washes away in hot water once the fabric has been made), allowing for easy knitting or weaving. Fabrics made from Avra fibers dry up to 50 percent faster than conventional polyester products, while also providing superior drape and softness.

“The result is a distinctly silky fabric that keeps wearers drier and more comfortable than ever before,” Dell said.

Mark McNeill, vice president of technology and business development at Unifi, added, “Innovation in the Americas is more important today than ever before. Combining the technology and quality-driven expertise of Eastman and Unifi will help provide the industry with the next level of performance-enhancing fibers.”