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EBags Survey Shows Consumers Desire More Travel Apparel

Consumers want comfy clothing for their next cruise adventures, flights and road trips.

EBags recently announced the results of a customer survey, where 70 percent of respondents said “comfort’ was their top preference when shopping for travel attire, over function, fashion and professionalism.

With the recent explosion of the activewear market, many consumers aren’t only shopping for workout purposes anymore. Athleisure has changed the way people perceive clothing in their lifestyles, including when they travel. Today consumers are vacationing frequently, so they want clothing that isn’t going to hurt, bunch or prevent free movement.

“Years ago when the activewear market was forming, wearing yoga pants outside of the gym wasn’t mainstream. Now that it’s a fashion statement, we are marrying activewear products with our travel shoppers and bringing on more activewear brands to meet customer demand,” eBags chief executive officer Mike Edwards said.

In addition to expressing “comfort” as the number one priority, survey respondents mentioned three other motivations for their travel apparel decisions.

  • Layering was listed as highly important, since customers wanted to be prepared for changes in weather or environment while traveling.
  • Wrinkle-free clothing was also favored highly by customers, who said that yoga clothing is versatile with soft fabric, while activewear is stretch resistant and masks body odors, which was what traveling customers were looking for.
  • Light and breathable clothing was preferred by customers that traveled frequently, too. Respondents said that they didn’t want to pack heavy and that they appreciated activewear brands that met both conditions.

The e-commerce company said it plans to expand its clothing inventory to include more active apparel. “EBags has added thousands of SKUs and six new categories in the last six months, including wearables, audio, shoes, clothing and technology,” Edwards said. “Curating a robust collection of activewear is the next step in allowing customers to purchase everything they need for travel in the same place.”