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European Mills Known For Luxury Coat Fabrics

Europe boasts some of the world’s leading wool and cashmere manufacturers. From the green meadows of Yorkshire to the foothills of Italy’s Biella, we’ve uncovered three mills crafting the finest, soft touch fabrics for luxury coats.

Robert Noble

A Scottish wool manufacturer, Robert Noble’s long history spans over 300 years. Using only the finest fibers to create incredible fabrics, Robert Noble combines traditional weaving practices with modern methods. Each season, the company releases an original collection tailored to meet the current trends in men’s and women’s fashion. The team craft gamekeeper tweed, glen check, gun club, and herringbone textures – some of the most luxurious outerwear looks this season.

They also work closely with top fashion houses for bespoke fabrics, making these from scratch or by adjusting ready-made materials. Customization allows designers to take Robert Noble’s classic weaves and enhance them with personal colors and unique textures.

Available on Le Souk, the charcoal shetland tweed herringbone is crafted from several yarns artfully blended together for a mixed yet mild finish. Meanwhile, the colorful plaid check in forest green and mustard is a more standout woven for sartorial overcoats.



Following decades spent working and living with the nomadic herders of the Tibetan Plateau, Italy’s Myak continues to source from the Asian-based farms where baby alpacas and goats are reared for their downs and cashmere, respectively. After shearing the animals, the textiles are then woven in Biella in the foothills of the Italian alps, and are naturally carded, producing softness, warmth and luster.

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Weaving the natural strength of Tibet with the exquisite craftsmanship of Italy, the mill also promotes sustainably work practices by investing back into local farmland in Central Asia. Meanwhile, all fabric design is lead out of style-savvy New York, ensuring each fabric embodies the trends set by fashion leaders who call the American city home.

Available on Le Souk, Myak’s chocolate brown felt is a comfortable 5mm thickness for seasonal outerwear. Meanwhile, its midnight blue 100% baby yak is woven on a traditional loom with 1/14000 yarn, offering a modern-meets-ancient times piece of cloth.

Joshua Ellis


 A cashmere specialist, Joshua Ellis is a centuries-old firm that handcrafts some of the very best natural fiber on the market. Based in the town of Batley, Yorkshire, Joshua Ellis has a very hands-on production process with all functions of their fabric manufacturing kept in-house; from the design to the weaving and finishing.

Available on Le Souk, the maroon cashmere plain weave comes in a marsala-hue for a trending coat fabric. In addition, the tan woven in camel hair is a timeless colour in an exotic-touch yarn.


—By Benjamin Fitzgerald


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