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ExOfficio Performance Hoodies Combat Elements With Nilit Breeze Fibers

ExOfficio’s new Sol Cool performance hoodies feature a breakthrough technology for outdoor travelers.

The brand’s designers chose fabric made with Nilit Breeze nylon fibers, ultra-fine materials that are breathable, keep the body cool and provide UPF 50 protection from ultraviolet rays.

“Every piece we make is designed to give travelers confidence and freedom to explore the world. We do that by combining the right technology, features and aesthetics for specific pieces depending on how adventurer travelers will use them,” said ExOfficio’s vice president of design and product development, Julie Snow.

She also explained that the nylon fiber material provides protection, while contributing to the in-demand athleisure style of comfort and functionality.

“Nilit Breeze is an ideal fit for the Sol Cool performance hoody because it provides adventure travelers protection from sun and heat with a stylish, understated look that they desire. Most importantly, the hoody feels really good and is incredibly comfortable,” Snow said.

As a patented cooling comfort yarn, Nilit Breeze helps the body stay cool during exercise and in warm weather. Its cooling effect hails from three factors: a flat cross section that transfers body heat quickly, a unique polymer with microns that enable cooling channels and UV radiation protection, and a special texture that produces breathable low-bulk yarn. Combined, these create a smooth sensation on the skin.

Nilit will exhibit Nilit Breeze and its other nylon performance products at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug. 3-6. ExOfficio will also introduce its Spring 2017 Sol Cool collection at this event as well, which features a new women’s performance long sleeve shirt and men’s performance crew, both made with Nilit Breeze fibers.

“The ExOfficio Sol Cool products are the perfect showcase for Nilit Breeze’s performance attributes,” Molly Kremidas, Nilit Fibers marketing manager, said. “The products are expertly and thoughtfully designed to provide travelers with style, comfort, and protection so they can focus on simply enjoying their experiences.”