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Fall Winter Trend and Color Stories Go Eccentric

When Autumn-Winter 2017-18 rolls around, consumers will be wearing all manner of colors and prints, and garments that make them feel a free sense of expression.

Highlighting the next design cycle, the trend forum at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics looked at three stories: Enigmatic, Manifesto and Eccentric.

“The independence of new generations, the multiplicity and uniqueness of new ideas, along with the ability to propose innovative solutions, manifest in the freedom of expressive fashion,” according to the trend book for the show. “The season’s offerings encourage the use of fashion as a barometer, dressing to one’s mood and emotion. Seemingly juxtaposing styles coexist in harmony.”

Here’s a look at what’s coming down the fashion pipeline for Autumn-Winter 2017-18.


"Enigmatic" trend story for Autumn/Winter 17-18
“Enigmatic” trend story for Autumn/Winter 17-18

Here, the concept is all about the enigmas of nature, the ever-blurring lines between what’s masculine and what’s feminine and the balance between tailoring and softer touches.

Colors: hazy naturals like soft navy, dusty mauve a brown-based, sand meet sensual pastels like peach, mint, lilac, sky and slate.

Fabrics: oxidized wool, fancy loop yarn, lofty tweed, waffle blanket, double-face felt, macramé lace, tubular jacquard, irregular and organic surfaces.

Prints: blurred and delicate, painterly floral, wood grain, handkerchief foulard, linear drawing


"Manifesto" trend story for Autumn/Winter 17-18
“Manifesto” trend story for Autumn/Winter 17-18

Authenticity and nostalgia are the center of the Manifesto story, where industrial inspiration pairs with up upcycled/recycled and sustainable mentality. Street styles look to uniforms for functional elements and deep colors and pop shades converge.

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Colors: nostalgic uniform colors like hunter green, Bordeaux, greyish royal blue and olive meet authentic sport colors like orange, teal, royal blue and fuschia.

Fabrics: compact felt, brushed loden, 3-D weave, wide wale corduroy, patchwork, stretch jersey, recycled tweed, embossed surfaces.

Prints: graphic and Eastern movement, Russian geometrics, poster typography, Eastern European floral.


"Eccentric" trend story for Autumn/Winter 17-18
“Eccentric” trend story for Autumn/Winter 17-18

Consumers want original, and with life as their fashion stage, trends will turn toward playful and opulent, drama and showmanship. Historic, antique and 70s influences pair with more casual elements for a personalized look.

Colors: poetic darks like an almost black charcoal, burnt orange and cool purple meet circus brights like yellow, bright orange, lime and pink.

Fabrics: opulent and exaggerated, brushed mohair blanket, brocade and cut jacquard, handloom tweed, iridescent sheer, fluid jersey, fancy pile, patchwork.

Prints: decorative and bold, lavish wallpaper, enlarged classic, playful graphic, funky 70s.