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FDRA Launches Footwear Factory Wage Map

The Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA) has launched a China wage map to aid footwear sourcing and compliance professionals in their businesses.

Mike Jeppesen, president of global operations at Wolverine Worldwide, said, “The cities and provinces in China where the industry produces footwear is shifting dramatically. Companies who have been sourcing for decades in the Pearl River Delta are now having to understand and address new cost structures and compliance challenges as they work with more and more factories in inland China.” He added, “What FDRA has done with its wage map is help provide some transparency on wage issues all across China. Now sourcing directors and compliance managers can come to this page and get a clearer picture of wage rate trends so they can better plan for their current and future costs.”

Global independent safety science company UL, sponsored the wage map for the industry.

FDRA President Matt Priest said, “I also want to convey that this is one of the many new ways we are trying to help the industry adjust to sourcing shifts and changes in China and around the world. We hope this will be a useful tool, and as we get new data we will update the map and expand it.” FDRA members will have further access to insight on ground level happenings in terms of wages, compliance and capacity, according to Priest.

View the wage map here.