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Fitlogic Inks Licensing Deal with Park Avenue Apparel

Fitlogic—an innovative fit concept for women’s apparel—is tapping Park Avenue Apparel to expand its consumer reach.

Fitlogic formed a licensing deal with Park Avenue Apparel that will involve Park Avenue Apparel licensing Fitlogic’s Little Black Pant brand and technology to make garments for its in-house labels. With the partnership, Little Black Pant, an online and direct-to-consumer label, can expand into other programs this year and be used for testing with other retailers that want to experiment with Fitlogic’s technology.

Fit has been an ongoing problem at retail today, but Fitlogic is disrupting standard sizing with its innovative technology. Founded by Cricket Lee in 2002, Fitlogic is a patented operating system for apparel designed to make garments fit the same by shape and size across brands. According to Fitlogic, 94.8% of women fall into one of three shapes—a high hip curve, smaller bottom and medium thighs, an hourglass shape with a mid-hip curve or a smaller waist, and abundant bottom and larger thighs.

Leveraging a scientific fit system that takes into account a consumer’s shape and size, Fitlogic allows consumers to determine the right fit based on height, body proportions and the size they traditionally wear for dress pants. Following a Fitlogic quiz, consumers can buy the Little Black Pant—which was a launch vehicle for Fitlogic—that works best for their style needs. The pants, which range from sizes 0 to 18 and retail at $49.95, are available in three styles—ankle, classic and crop for versatile dressing.

“Little Black Pant is designed to get a woman in her fit and educate her that the style and the shape are two different things. The industry typically uses a style to determine the shape and we do it the other way around,” said Cricket Lee, Fitlogic founder and chief executive officer. “Once a woman has her size and shape in Fitlogic, she can shop styles that fit her shape.”

In addition to the Little Black Pant, Fitlogic plans to offer plus size apparel this Fall and move into other apparel categories, including dresses and menswear, in the future.

“Our expansion into tops, dresses and more will enable [the consumer] to forget her fit and let us lead her to brands that carry her personal Fitlogic size and shape,” added Lee. “Fitlogic fits 95 percent of women in each category and has been proven to reduce returns to under 10 percent once a woman has her fit.”