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Future Fashion: Trends Expected to Shape Children’s Wear in Coming Seasons

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and though children may be sheltered from some of it, that doesn’t stop the world’s goings on from influencing what the boys and girls are wearing.

At a children’s wear trend presentation at Premiere Vision New York Tuesday, Deborah Weinberg, executive vice president for color and trend company OPR, presented Spanish design agency Minicool’s 2020 trend predictions.

And the four key trends Minicool has uncovered reflect a range of cultural and societal phenomenon taking place right now.

Softness Amenability

The first overall trend in Minicool’s children’s wear story was “Softness Amenability,” which, according to Minicool, will be led by a “new luxuriousness.” This brings in feelings of spirituality and calmness people are seeking amid the world’s chaos.

Among consumers, there has also been a desire to link with nature amid the hyper digital revolution, according to Minicool, as well as an “ethereal” yearning for space that manifests in cosmic patterns, fabrics influenced by ecological themes, and “nature as an escape valve.” These ideas will manifest in earthy motifs and patterns. Colors in the trend are powdered tones, elegant grays and an array of water colors.


A second trend zone, “Balance,” represents the balance between nature and technology. Here, a sense of awareness of the world and its natural resources is portrayed, which is often represented by green landscapes and the push toward eco-friendly materials and processes. The trend comes through in natural settings and wild animal motifs, using soft grays, pinks and purples, along with brown and white.

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Society’s penchant for technology was symbolized by urban landscape prints and the feel of smart cities, channeled through the use of silvery grays and blues. Darker tones and materials such as textured fabrics and embroideries, were also present.


The third trend was identified as “Revival,” with a nod to “peaceful protest movements and the circular economy,” as well as an ode to ethnic heritages in styling. Minicool noted that there’s also recognition of authenticity and nostalgia in prints and fashion, with soft tones mixing with classic navy and red.

Motifs of the ocean and fishing are also mixed here, using blue and green sea tones. The revival is also felt in a “new hippie” grouping with materials such a crochet and decorative trims.

Self Expression

Rounding out the future trends was the “Self Expression” theme. This area is reflected by “unique styling and personalization,” according to Minicool. Abstract and graphic motifs are used in bright colors meant to give a feeling of well-being and happiness. Materials like glitter and sequins are appropriate, as are bold colors like magenta and turquoise.