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Garmatex Introduces Cotton Substitute at Outdoor Retailer

Garmatex Technologies, a frontrunner in leading edge, scientifically engineered fabric technologies, announced on Wednesday its new revolutionary fabric, Kottinu, at The Outdoor Retailer Winter Market taking place from Jan. 21-25 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kottinu is a superior performing, comfortable and more sustainable alternative to cotton, providing wearers with innovative moisture management and odor and bacteria control.

The performance fabric was developed by Doug Thom, chief innovation officer at Garmatex, after working to give his father a better night’s rest as he suffered from a cancer medication side effect of sweating throughout the night. The company claims the fabric feels identical to cotton pajamas but has the ability to keep the body cool and dry.

Martin Doane, Garmatex’s CEO, said, “We are looking forward to introducing Kottinu fabric to the outdoor apparel industry.” He added, “Every day we see the largest brands in outdoor apparel producing garments that are increasingly defined by advances in technology. Kottinu is the logical next-step in this fabric evolution tailored for an industry that demands maximum comfort, functionality and performance.”

Kottinu can create base layers, mid-layer garments and jacket linings that are engineered to keep the body warm and dry while outdoors. It can be fabricated for non-apparel applications like sleeping bags, quick-dry anti-microbial socks and canvas materials.

The fabric has the ability to extend the life cycle of a garment since the technology maintains color sharpness and can last up to six times longer than regular cotton. When Kottinu is combined with Garmatex’s all-natural anti-microbial technology, Bact-Out, it has the power to reduce the amount of odor-causing bacteria.

Apparel containing Kottinu will be available in various stores throughout the U.S. and Canada this spring.