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China’s Gen Y and Gen Z Consumers Agree: Adidas is Most Relevant Fashion Brand

China’s younger population may not see eye-to-eye on everything, but when it comes to fashion, Generations Y and Z choose activewear titan Adidas.

According to RTG Consulting Group’s latest brand relevance report, both millennial and Gen Z Chinese consumers have different brand preferences in other categories, such as automobiles and electronics. For style, this is completely the contrary. Both shopper demographics expressed similar tastes in apparel and footwear labels, preferably those that catered to their wardrobes and overall experiences.

To start, both demographics said that Adidas, Nike, Uniqlo and Zara were the most relevant fashion brands. Adidas was the number one brand for both age groups, complementing its merchandise with social media communication on all platforms. Zara and Nike were the second most relevant brands to Gen Y and Z consumers respectively. Meanwhile, Nike came in third for millennials, while Uniqlo placed third for Gen Z. Uniqlo ranked fourth for Gen Y consumers, compared to Zara for Gen Z. The least relevant brands to both shopper demographics included H&M for millennials and Converse for the younger generation.

“The results were surprising as there were a number of brands we did not expect to see ranked in the top 10, and some we were even more surprised did not rank at all,” said RTG Consulting Group CEO Angelito Tan Jr. “It certainly goes to show how if brands do not pay attention to how the fast the market landscape can change, they risk not being relevant to today’s consumers.”