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Google Says Off-the-Shoulder Styles, Bomber Jackets Aren’t Going Anywhere

Social media stars-slash-models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid helped usher in this year’s iteration of bomber jackets, pairing the military staple with everything from slip dresses to jeans to leggings—to the point where Google’s latest fashion trend report dubbed the outerwear style “the new uniform.”

Split into categories of “sustained risers” (trends that have been growing steadily), “seasonal risers” (styles expected to come back even stronger this spring) and “rising stars” (fleeting trends that saw sudden growth in recent months), as well as their declining counterparts, Google said that in addition to bomber jackets, the season’s top trends included off-the-shoulder tops and rompers.

According to the search engine, while interest in bomber jackets has been growing steadily for years, searches rose 297 percent in the United Kingdom in April, compared to the previous year, and jumped 613 percent in the United States. That being said, while New Yorkers demonstrated the highest interest in the style, people in the southernmost U.S. cities, like Miami, don’t care for it.

Google noted that while searches for bombers are often paired with words like “flight,” “army” and “MA-1” (the original design name), “David Beckham” and “Kanye West” are also the norm, reflecting the jacket’s evolution from military to mainstream. Not to mention, general terms like “petite” and “plus size” are popping up more often, as well as “kids,” “baby” and “toddler.”

In addition, bomber jackets appear to be a seasonless style, as that pickup in searches in April revealed people seeking spring-ready colors and materials, such as satin, silk, pink, florals and embroidery. As such, Google said brands have an opportunity to tap into the trend by using different colors or fabrics to dictate the item’s wearability.

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Jenner’s influence was also plain to see in Google’s second top trend: off-the-shoulder tops and dresses—a look which the search engine said grew in the U.S. and U.K. by 347 percent and 261 percent respectively between December 2015 and May 2016.

Associated keywords included “bikini,” “wedding” and “beach,” highlighting the myriad occasions people saw the style as appropriate for, while lace and denim topped material searches. And despite the trend’s ubiquity in stores and on the streets, it’s not going anywhere. Google calls it a “rising star” that’s become embraced by all and adapted for anything.

Another trend people can’t seem to shake: rompers. Also known as jumpsuits or playsuits, interest in the style has seen steady growth since 2014 and Google said searches are now spiking throughout the U.K. and U.S., not just in major cities like New York, Los Angeles and London. Olive and green are the highest-growing associated colors in the U.S. (another nod to the military trend) as well as embroidered versions, while gray and nude are the top-growing colors in the U.K. in addition to gingham and pinstripe styles.

The report’s explanation as to why rompers’ popularity is still on the rise: “Full outfits have become a wardrobe staple, with rompers being the top volume trend in the U.S. Between the holidays, festivals and weddings, there isn’t much time (or energy) left to match an outfit. Consumers want to take the fuss out of fashion, while still looking their very best.”