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Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin to Spotlight Ethical Down

Over 160 international labels will present their eco-friendly Fall/Winter 2014 collections at the Greenshowroom and the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin from Jan. 19-21.

Among the labels taking part in the Greenshowroom include Amazona Secrets, Bodhisattva – Reimagining Fashion, Grain de Brune, Linda Mai Phung, Marion Kracht Design by Lana, Nine to Five, Silkboxx, Sveekery and Wabi Sabi Eco Fashion Concept. Other highlights include Cocccon, Deepmello, Gotsutsumu, Katrien van Hecke, Lillika Eden, Maria Seifert Collections, Reet Aus, Schreif, Studio Elsien Gringhuis and Xess+Baba.

The kickoff event for Berlin Fashion Week has generated a lot of interest from the apparel industry. Olaf Schmidt, vice president of Textiles and Textile Technology of Messe Frankfurt, said, the two events have been able to expand by more than 30 percent. He added, “This is significantly more labels than expected and we are looking forward to a fascinating event with an amazing spectrum of fashions and important guests.”

From an educational standpoint, the show will spotlight ethical down feathers with information about the different standards and alternatives to insulating with down feathers. Outdoor brand Fjällräven will present its line and practices, as will Patagonia, which will inform visitors on the Traceable Down Standard. Alternative forms of insulation from PrimaLoft and Swisswool will also be exhibited and illustrated by products from Pyua, Bleed, Ecoalf and Mover.

A comprehensive program of lecturing in the Knowledge Lounge will offer insights into sustainability in the fashion industry, giving special attention to fair trade and sustainable supply-chain management. Guests can also attend a ‘Create Green Breakfast’ revolving around the subjects of ethical down.