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These High Point Market Trends Are Shaping the Future of Home

During the High Point Market, the show’s Trend Watch team identified several shifts in color, texture, pattern and design influencing home furnishings and decor. Julie Smith Vincenti, director of Trend Watch and owner of Nine Muses Media, outlined three specific home trends during a presentation at the market: Elation, Growth, and Synthesis.


The use of bright, bold color reflects a growing sense of positivity and upbeat attitudes in the Elation trend. And as evidenced by Pantone’s Color of the Year, Very Peri, purple comes into prominence in the coming years for the home.

“Purple is very important and powerful, and it also conveys wellness,” Smith Vincenti said.

This trend pulls inspiration from gaming culture, and expresses a sense of joy, whimsy and playfulness. Patterns reflective of this trend include grid mosaics, linear patterns and artistic, painterly lines.

Growth Courtesy


The Growth trend reflects a return to nature, particularly forested landscapes, drawing from the hues and textures of the woods to inform design.

“It’s a move away from pastoral landscapes to neutral forest landscapes showcasing emerging neutrals and nuanced textures,” Smith Vincenti said.

One of the biggest shifts exhibited in growth is the move from gray to brown, warming the palette and adding an organic richness to colors. Metallic touches also show up in this palette.

“There’s tonal elegance with subtle metallic accents that represent glimmers of light coming through the trees to the forest floor,” Smith Vincenti said.

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Design elements and motifs associated with this trend include dowel legs on furniture, bas relief patterns, and folk art influences.

These High Point Market Trends Are Shaping the Future of Home
Synthesis Courtesy


Celebrating the marriage of technology and design, Synthesis features deep tones, unexpected accents, and distinctive surface treatments and finishes that reflect innovation and resilience.

“This trend reflects where tech meets tradition,” Smith Vincenti said. “It’s a mixture of styles and textures that reflect ingenuity and imaginativeness.”

This trend features an emphasis on metals, and red is an important hue in illustrating Synthesis, as evidenced by a coffee table by Duvall & Co. that features a red finish underneath, similar to the iconic red soles of Christian Louboutin shoes.

During market, the Trend Watch team assembled product displays throughout High Point showrooms illustrating each trend. But reflective of another trend of sorts in the industry, several of the selected products didn’t make it to the show in time to be included—another reminder that while things have improved a bit, supply chain issues persist.