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H&M to Incorporate Eco-Conscious Care Label

H&M has continued its efforts toward sustainability by introducing a care label system that reminds consumers to be environmentally friendly.

The new Clever Care label developed by Ginetex, the International Association for Textile Care Labeling, shows customers how to care for their clothes in a more green way. A flower-like symbol representing Clever Care is displayed among other care instructions and consumers are directed to where they can learn more about conscious care.

According to, the symbol is not a technical one but it “reminds consumers to consider a wide range of actions,” that could alter their impact on the environment.

Catarina Midby, H&M’s sustainable fashion manager, told WWD, “We realized that we wanted to do something about wear and care phase of a garment’s life cycle when we started studying life cycles and so forth at the design office to see how we could affect the general footprint of a garment from production through to the user phase.”

With regard to washing, Clever Care recommends that consumers only fill a machine halfway when laundering already wet articles, for example. They also note that clothing is “hygienically clean” when washed at sixty degrees for at least ten minutes and that long cycles with low temperatures save more energy. Spin-drying laundry at the highest possible speed can drastically reduce the necessary drying time, otherwise, line drying is urged whenever possible.

“Hopefully, our consumers are aware that we have a very big sustainability commitment at H&M and that all of us at H&M – all 104,000 of us – are actually responsible for our sustainability work. This is a small part of it, but it’s very important,” she said, according to WWD.

The new care label is already present in nearly half of H&M’s product and the retailer expects the labels to be in most apparel articles by the end of this year.