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Hyosung Hosts Trend and Fabric Development Workshops in China, Hong Kong

Hyosung, the world’s largest spandex producer with the creora® brand, hosted fabric development and trend workshops for key partner mills and brands in China and Hong Kong in March.

At the workshops, Hyosung introduced new fabric concepts that incorporate specialty creora® spandex and new products linked to market trends including:

  • New 70 denier Silky® polyester with Power Fit creora® spandex for  intimate wear
  • creora® Color+ dyeable spandex  with new 140 denier MIPAN Aqua X for cool touch
  • creora® eco-soft low heat settable spandex with polypropylene for new range of performance fabrics
  • various deniers of creora® Black for increased power without grin through for yoga and running
  • creora® highcloâ„¢ super chlorine resistant spandex for competitive swimwear

Hyosung president Hyun-Joon Cho said, “The purpose of the workshops is to give our key mill partners a competitive advantage through customized fabric development ideas to enable them to better meet the needs/wants of brands and retailers. The focus of the fabric development was Spring/Summer textile 2016 trends and new Hyosung products in nylon, polyester, and spandex  to increase their commercial success.” He added, “As a global  leader in textiles, we want to support our creora® partners. We have plans to conduct similar workshops in other parts of the world like Brazil, Turkey, Germany, France, Pakistan, India, etc. We are striving to deliver on the creora® brand promise of superior customer support  as the global leader in quality, technology, and service.”

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For ready to wear Spring/Summer 2016, there were four main themes in the workshops: Heavenly Embrace, Temptation, Suspense and Delight.

Heavenly Embrace. Lightweight and embracing, creora® spandex/elastane delivers a touch of body and depth to circular and warp knits geared towards fitted silhouettes but also delivering the desired fabric for fit, flare and drape aspects that continues as a strong trend. The characteristic of the fabrics holds better malleability in the final garment form, allowing designers more opportunity in creating detailed silhouettes.

Fabrics and surfaces will be compact on the woven front with creora Power Fit for built-in shaping, there will be multi blends of natural/synthetic/creora/ for lightweight fit and fluid circular knits that deliver body to lighter weight hands.

Hyosung sees these trends going into tailored pieces for womenswear, outerwear fabrics for jackets and fit and flare separates in circular knits.

Temptation. Fabrics are openly tempting and inviting as surface effects from plush to blistered attract the consumer’s eye and desire to touch. It isn’t just texture but a play with luster in circular knits and warp knits that creates interesting surface effects. Regular and abstract relief feature in solid, yarn dyed and printed effects, with stability and shaping enhanced from the inclusion of creora® spandex/elastane.

Fabrics and surfaces will include French terry with a micro or macro looped textured technical side, cotton/poly comfort stretch wovens with brushed moleskin effect and raised rib effects.

These trends will go into circular knits for women’s casual wear or high fashion, comfort fit wovens for men and sportswear styling for women’s casual wear.

Suspense. Optically deceiving, this is a classic direction with warp knits features strongly in matte handles for woven-like delivery. Trousers and jackets look true and tailored with sharper colors key to this group. It’s time to move away from the classic black and gray and deliver some gusto with color throughout the different deliveries. A sense of urban renewal features, with recyled fibers including MIPAN® regen recycled nylon teamed with creora® eco-soft for a stoic sustainable message.

Fabrics and surfaces will include double-sided fabrics  with bond contrasting colors and textures for added detail, updated basic warp and circular knits with 3D optical prints.

These trends will work in knitted, tailored offerings for men and women, casual wear and urban street wear.

Delight. Lighter and lighter, this global demand continues but we also have look to more functional fabrics entering the sector across the seasons. Both woven and knits feature and it isn’t just truly diaphanous, there is a strong direction to surface affects, plisse, irregular surfaces also featuring. Touch is luxe and delicate with merino wool and cashmere featuring for fall delivery and pima cotton offering a similar option for spring delivery. Fabrics in this direction pursue the root of second skin fabrics, incredibly light, micro in construction yet still robust and embracing.

Fabrics and surfaces will include gauzy knits with body for fit and flare styling, paper touch compact wovens for top weights and streamlined comfort fit with creora and translucent aspects to featherweight jersey.

These trends will be a good fit for casual to formal womenswear and higher-end menswear tops.

Ria Stern, global marketing director for Hyosung said, “We combined new Hyosung fibers, fabric development concepts, trend presentations, and market information in customized business development sessions to help mills understand the needs/wants of brands/retailers for the spring/summer 2016 season. We want to help our creora (r) partner mills be more successful as well as help facilitate speed to market with new innovations to help them realize a competitive advantage.”