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How Artistic Denim Mills’ New Stretch Denim Gives Performance New Definition

High recovery, lift and hold are the three pillars of Artistic Denim Mills’ (ADM) new high-performance denim, HyperStretch.

The Karachi, Pakistan-based mill will introduce an expanded collection of its fabric innovation at Kingpins Amsterdam, April 18-19. Designed to represents the “next generation of stretch denim,” the tightly woven fabric is a combination of fiber innovation, fit expertise and quality.

The concept for the fabric was to recreate the athleisure market’s level of comfort and performance in a jean.

“Our goal was to create high stretch, shape retention properties, with just enough synthetic fiber to get those performance characteristics,” Jack Mathews, ADM director of sales and marketing, said.

HyperStretch is a blend of cotton and cotton blend warp yarn and special spun polyester—a combination of fibers that Mathews said are uncommonly found in traditional denim.

The denim consists of 77 percent cotton, 21 percent polyester and 2 percent Lycra. The result is a product that offers 45 percent stretch and 90 percent recovery, and one that gives a firm hold to instantly lift and sculpt the wearer.

One of the distinguishing factors of HyperStretch is its one-of-a-kind hand feel, Mathews added. While the fabric has the appearance of authentic denim, it feels like an athleisure product.

“The only way to describe it is soft and dense. Soft is from the unique cotton yarn and the denseness is from the special polyester that we use. That combination makes the fabric unique,” Mathews explained, adding that the fabric’s construction is what makes it lift and hold.

HyperStretch, it turns out, is becoming one of the mill’s biggest programs. ADM introduced the fabrication last year without much fanfare, but based on the first successful tests with customers, it’s rolling out a broader collection in new colors, shades and constructions.

The expanded line features four indigos spanning light to dark, and comprised of both pure indigo and dark sulfur tops for a good range of washes. It also includes options for garment dyes, traditional black, black over-dye and grays.

“It isn’t your everyday run-of-the-mill stretch denim,” Mathews added. “We set out to produce a product that exceeds customer expectations in fit, comfort and performance.”