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India: Woolmark and Raymond Launch Cool Wool

In an effort to promote wool as more than a cold-weather fiber, The Woolmark Company and fabric brand and fashion retailer Raymond have partnered to launch Cool Wool, a new collection for Indian consumers designed to promote wool as trans-seasonal.

The two companies debuted Cool Wool at Mumbai’s India Fashion Forum this month and, according to Woolmark, the goal is demonstrate that wool can work in warmer climes and to extend the selling period for the fiber.

Woolmark’s Global Strategic Advisor Peter Ackroyd said, “India has a tropical, climate and customers avoid wearing wool garments in summer, as they clearly identify the fabric with winter.” He added, “We want to negate this notion. Indian customers need to understand the true potential, versatility, and the benefits of using wool in summer. With Cool Wool, we are confident and believe that Indians will fathom the adaptability of wool in summer.”

The collection includes 100 percent wool fabric and natural fiber blends with silk, cotton and linen. Cool Wool garments are made from lightweight Merino wool fabrics with maximum weight of 190 g/m2 and a maximum mean wool fiber diameter of 22.5 micron.

According to Woolmark, research has shown that wool performs better than cotton and polyester in terms of moisture management and temperature and Cool Wool keeps the wearer more comfortable when the temperature goes up. “Wool is a living fibre that breathes and naturally manages the body’s micro climate by absorbing and transporting moisture vapour from the body preventing the build-up of humidity,” a Woolmark statement noted.

Fashion designer Gaurav Jai Gupta created the collection and said, “Cool Wool is one of the most easily adaptable trans-seasonal fabrics for Indian weather, which maximises wearing opportunities.” He added, “The collection refers to new ways of juxtaposing separates for menswear and is simple, timeless and straightforward.”

The Cool Wool collection will hit the market this April and be available at Raymond stores and at select retailers around the country.