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Innerwear as Outerwear Continues to Blur Boundaries in Spring/Summer 2017

The granny panties of Spring/Summer 2016 aren’t going anywhere next year—they’re just slipping into something a little sexier.

Presenting at CurveNY at New York City’s Javits Center Monday, Parisian trend forecaster PromoStyl pointed to the opening shot of Sofia Coppola’s 2003 “Lost in Translation,” which features a close-up of Scarlett Johansson on lying on a bed wearing see-through pink underwear.

“The concept here is fuller-bottomed sheer panties that are high waisted,” explained Pankhuri Gupta, trend and color consultant, noting that it was one of the most important trends she’d seen on the trade show floor.

So while innerwear brands don’t appear to be tiring of comfort in Spring/Summer 2017, they definitely want to prettify it.

Another key story for the season, which PromoStyl is calling “Soft Glam,” is inspired by the ’90s and features lots of lace and soft, sheer fabric on bottoms and slip tops. Elsewhere, brands like Hanro and Sokoloff are embracing basic white and offering long-sleeve T-shirts and bodysuits in loungewear that can also be worn with high-waisted jeans and a leather jacket, for the ultimate in lazy luxury.

Continuing that theme, a concept called “Room Service” focuses on pajama sets that do double-duty as sleepwear and streetwear. Gupta highlighted pieces from Marigot and Asceno that both feature solid color piping, running along the neck, hem and collar.

“It’s all about lounging and relaxing in your own room, at the same time feeling very comfortable and luxurious in what you’re wearing,” Gupta said.

Similarly, Pluto on the Moon offers a pink and white sleep shirt as well as a mismatched striped pajama set that can easily be styled with everyday clothes and accessories, while a celadon-colored robe by Dear Bowie featuring a quirky all-over astrology print can also be worn as a jacket.

Pink is a popular shade next year, popping up everywhere from a juicy pomegranate pajama set by I.D. Sarrieri to a Loveday London lingerie set featuring a foil effect to a Hesper Fox satin tank top and short set.

There’s some toughness to the season, too. A trend story called “In Chains” combines femininity with power, and Gupta highlighted a harness in the Signature by Marika Vera collection and a lacy but tough lingerie set from Scantilly by Curvy Kate.