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Invista Introduces New Lycra Brand Campaign

Invista, the parent company of fiber brand Lycra, recently launched a new consumer campaign. Starting this month, consumer communications will consist of a collection of televised and online commercials, a distinctive new print campaign, a major digital and social platform and new merchandising initiatives at point of sale.

The campaign will roll out in stages in the coming months to allow trade partners in each region to take complete advantage of the new promotions through co-branding initiatives, hang-tags and joint merchandising programs—similar to co-branding and merchandising opportunities that are now available to trade partners through its recently updated business-to-business website.

Invista’s new campaign is the result of a two-year, multi-market research project. Executive vice president of Invista apparel and advanced textiles Bob Kirkwood, said, “The research showed that although awareness and respect for Lycra fibers is consistently high, consumers were sometimes confused about the multiple benefits it brings. The new brand architecture and positioning simplify and communicate the benefit propositions in ways that we believe will also increase levels of emotional engagement.”

The Lycra Moves You theme helps emphasize the emotional link consumers have developed with the brand and its connection with comfort and personal freedom across a wide variety of garments. It includes dynamic visuals captured by internationally acclaimed photographer Rankin, who equates the freedom and energy his models portray to the characteristics of Lycra fiber. The campaign’s TV and digital channel commercials were directed by award winning film director Phillippe André.

Lycra brand’s added value and benefits will be communicated to consumers through new hang-tags and brand imagery, including a newly enhanced logo and by vibrant, versatile imagery and designs in an assortment of stylish retail merchandising and advertising materials expressed through the Lycra Moves You campaign.

Kirkwood added that the new Lycra brand positioning and architecture should allow downstream partners from yarn spinners to retailers to better leverage its differentiating value.