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Invista Partners With Designers to Unveil New Line of Functional, Fashionable Outdoor Wear

Invista, leading fiber producer and parent company of LYCRA is taking its technological expertise into the world of fashion in a new partnership with emerging designers that explores the style potential of functional clothing.

With help from Brooklyn-based fashion design and production incubator, Manufacture NY and consumer weigh-ins, Invista unveiled a collection of designs combined with fiber innovations like its T400 technology by LYCRA and LYCRA Sport fiber.

In preparing for the collection’s creation, Invista surveyed more than 1,000 consumers about what they want out of active and outdoor apparel and found that most would pay more for added benefits like quick dry, for one.

And with the trend toward simplifying the shopping—and the wearing—experience, consumers said they wanted clothing that could transition with the demands of the day.

More than 40 percent of men said they want a better fit, one noting, “I like outdoor clothing that I can also easily wear around the city day-to-day without looking or feeling out of place.” Seventy percent of women also said they’ve work their black workout leggings for social activities.

“There’s been a sizeable shift in corporate culture recently, with active and outdoor wear being embraced by busy millennial professionals,” Invista’s global segment director for active and outdoor Heather Stefani explained. “We’re excited to be in the thick of this changing mindset because companies are starting to understand the need for commuter wear and to accept it as part of the working lifestyle.”

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The merging of technologies like Invista’s T400 and Coolmax have been a real turning point in companies realizing the need for commuter wear. The fibers provide just enough stretch and freedom of movement for biking and hiking, which in turn makes for an ideal foundation for casual business clothing, Manufacture NY noted in a statement.

Manufacture NY works to provide fledgling designers with the tools and skills to streamline their processes, and the company says its leading design and production of the next generation of wearable tech.

Bob Bland, the manufacturing hub’s CEO said Invista’s collection is a true merging of fashion and function. “We’re very excited to partner with Invista because we see this as a real opportunity to innovate. The challenge for our designers was to incorporate Invista’s breakthrough fabrics and fibers into designs that could live just as comfortably in an outdoor setting as a conference room.”

Stefani added, “Essentially, we’re pairing cutting-edge designers with cutting-edge fabrics. And since the workplace is changing, with commuter wear assuming a more prominent position in the workplace, we have a chance to help shape the future of athleisure.”