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Kahn Lucas: A Tween’s Fashionable Advocate in the Apparel Industry

The apparel industry creates fashion-forward styles for core shopper demographics, but often leaves out other age groups. Kahn Lucas, a New York City-based girls’ clothing company, is working on behalf of one consumer who isn’t catered to much in the market—today’s digitally savvy tween.

“Credibility, stability, in combination with very aggressive innovative thinking, is really where we are today,” said Kahn Lucas executive chairman Howard Kahn, the fourth-generation family member who leads the 127-year-old girls’ apparel company today.

Keeping Kahn Lucas’ heritage in mind, in addition to today’s evolving retail scene, Kahn and his team continue to produce stylish, relevant and age-appropriate apparel for America’s 10-, 11- and 12-year-old female consumers.

The company has two trendy tween lines: Bloome, which is found in department stores, and Emily West, sold at department and mid-tier stores. Both lines are more fashion-focused than Kahn Lucas’ other younger girls’ collections, Youngland and Sweet Heart Rose. With Aztec print and hi-low styles, Bloome and Emily West are trendy options for tweens who are on the crossroads between shopping in the kids and junior departments.

With the two tween lines, Kahn Lucas wanted to take its efforts to the next level and bring preteen girls to the forefront of the company’s design and production process.

“There is only one boss, and the boss is not a buyer. It is a girl or a mom. At the end of the day, if it is a true brand, it listens primarily to the consumer,” said CEO Dor Sela.

This concept led to the creation of Kahnalytics, a data platform where Kahn Lucas communicates with thousands of tweens and their moms about what they want, live from a sample room. Kahnalytics features products before they hit the shelves and with a swipe, tweens can express their opinion and select the apparel they would like to wear from the company. The data tool also categorizes what tweens want across ages and store preferences.

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What makes Kahnalytics special is that it provides tweens the opportunity to be heard in the apparel industry. The data tool allows teens to express what they want to try on and buy when they visit retailers on a regular basis. According to Kahn and Sela, girls take part in shopping decisions from a very young age. By the time they are 11 or 12, 76 percent are involved in their apparel purchasing decisions.

By encouraging communication about tween apparel, Kahn Lucas is staying relevant among today’s digitized commerce environment and changing consumer demands. While other brands may not bat an eye to their consumer, Kahn Lucas is staying loyal to the tween girl and her fashion preferences. With the help of Kahn Lucas, the tweens can dress trendy and also have a valued place in the apparel industry.