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This Korean Startup is Ditching Standard Sizes to Realize Better Fit

Standard sizes— including small, medium and large, aren’t always right for all consumers, and MoFit is tackling this issue with its innovative, multi-fit approach.

The Seoul, Korea-based online clothing company, which recently launched an Indiegogo project, is creating affordable and better fitting apparel through its crowd sizing and clustering process. On MoFit’s website, consumers will be able to buy a shirt customized to their own body measurements and have it shipped right to their homes. According to its Indiegogo page, MoFit said the more backers it receives, the more exact the fit of its garments will be.

The company first collects sizing data from its consumers, and from there, creates subgroups of sizes for consumers with similar size dimensions. Instead of categorizing consumers into sizes small, medium and large, MoFit’s sizing works similar to a mathematical equation, allowing the company to create more sizes spanning many body measurements based on all of the data it collects.

To date, MoFit has collected more than 3,000 sets of sizing measurements from backers and processed their data. Once it collects more size data, smaller subgroups would then be divided into more precise body measurements. MoFit said this process would increase the chance of a better fitting garment over time. After consumers order their apparel, MoFit stores their information based on past style and fit preferences—so the data can provide the consumer with future personalized product recommendations.

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MoFit will process its first orders after its funding period concludes in December. Backers will receive an email with a tutorial video on how to measure their bodies, and from there send their measurements to MoFit for the design and production process. Backers are currently able to pre-purchase MoFit’s shirts, which retail from $55 and up and are available in pink, blue and white, on its Indiegogo page until the end of the month.

MoFit’s innovative sizing comes on the heels of a growing body diversity movement in fashion, where brand and designers are answering the call for better fitting garments. The one-size-fits-all approach is no longer the norm for the industry, as consumers continue to demand more personalization in their purchasing journeys. What’s more, virtual sizing apps have also helped consumers find the right fit online, as the industry continues to improve its body measurement initiatives.