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Made-By Releases New Sustainability Tracker

Made-By released its new tool MODE Tracker on Tuesday, designed to motivate fashion industry brands in working toward sustainability solutions. The nonprofit organization, which aims to improve environmental and social conditions in the fashion industry, describes the tracker as a roadmap for fashion professionals to engage on key social and environmental issues and share these actions effectively.

The tool collects a brand’s sustainability engagement in a way that’s easily communicated, comprehensive, transparent and verified. After a brand shares its sustainability projects and strategies with Made-By, the tracker uses the brand’s existing systems, processes, standards and tools to analyze its engagement toward sustainable solutions. Expert-reviewed metrics are used to verify the brand’s activities, focusing on sustainability impact reductions made, and plans for further improvement.

All of these steps deliver a final report to the user that includes a detailed overview of the brand’s initiatives and unique projects, programs and case studies. The tracker also records year-to-year improvements.

For the last 10 years, Made-By has worked toward creating public tools to make substantiality engagement easier. MODE Tracker is an evolution of the organization’s Scorecard system. Brands like G-Star and Ted Baker, among many others, are partners of the organization.

Frouke Bruinsma, corporate responsibility manager of G-STAR, said, “One of the main reasons we became a partner of Made-By three years ago, was that their Scorecard gave us the opportunity to show our sustainable progress, in a credible way. MODE Tracker is for us a high-level next step and very valuable tool to be transparent beyond the materials we use and social compliance of our suppliers. We can now publicly and credibly show progress in all fields of sustainable work.”