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MintModa: Athleisure and Femininity Will Lead Spring ’18 Fashion

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, MintModa predicts that athleisure and femininity will lead fashion for the coming spring.

“Spring ’18 will reflect current movements toward the casual, the functional, the artisanal and the individual, as well as the current fascination with the prim styles of the romantic past,” said Sharon Graubard, founder and creative director of MintModa. “While it sometimes seems like all of New York City is dressed in either workout clothes or jeans, fashion has a wonderful ability to absorb these movements into forward-thinking, fresh silhouettes.”

While consumers remain focused on wellness, athleisure is expected to take a more fashion-forward aesthetic. Standard activewear, including leggings and sweats, will become more stylish and suitable for consumers’ daily activities. Dubbed ‘Glo-Mad,’ this trend involves a mix of body-hugging and loose apparel, like a billowing parka over athletic pants or a tight bodysuit.

“We will see featherweight techno fabrics cut into nomadic shapes that wrap and tie around the body,” Graubard said. “Colors here will be deep vegetal tones popped with silver, gold or neon, a palette that takes its cue from the Afro-Futurist art movement.”

Femininity will also be redefined for Spring ’18. As gender identities continue to blur in fashion, feminine looks will fall into two main categories—mod and reworked vintage.

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Culling inspiration from the ‘60s, apparel will feature a playful mix of feminine details. Garments will include florals, ruffles, sheer fabrics and sorbet hues. Clothing shapes will resonate with this decade as well and highlight shift dresses, pretty blouses and mismatched prints, forming a ‘FemPower’ look.

Edwardian clothing is also making a comeback—with a twist. Spring ’18 fashion is expected to be a hybrid of past and modern garments, for example, pairing up a corset-seamed jacket with a slogan T-shirt.

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“Another exploration of femininity finds itself in a re-mix of Victorian high collars and delicate lace toughened up with a black-leather-infused punk sensibility for a trend we call ‘Antiqk’,” Graubard added. “Colors here will be a play of black and white, with sharp pink and acid yellow adding accents.”

Athleisure and femininity will also come together for another Spring ’18 trend—‘Atelier’—which will elevate workwear. Channeling artisan qualities, sturdy fabrics, including canvas and denim, will be cut into clean and boxy silhouettes. Garments are projected to include a mix of browns, blues and neutral pinks for practicality and feature handcrafted details, including metal zips and snaps. These elements will combine to deliver a more creative yet functional aesthetic for Spring ’18 workwear.