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MintModa Says Seasonless Storytelling Is Trending for Spring 2017

With weather-specific looks mostly absent on runways, MintModa predicts that seasonless storytelling will play a crucial role in Spring 2017 apparel.

“There is an overall shift towards seasonless storytelling, especially with production and delivery schedules in flux and expect to see clothing that women can truly inhibit and not look as if they are trying too hard,” said Sharon Graubard, founder and creative director of trend forecaster MintModa. “Even luxe fabrics or experimental cuts have a new ease and wearability.”

Today, consumers desire clothes that suit their unique lifestyles without compensating comfort or functionality. From casual to couture, consumers are on the hunt for clothes that work for their everyday activities and engaging in the “see now, buy now” mentality. With this change in shopper demand, designers today are shaking up their runway presentations with new garments and a low-key aesthetic.

Even though consumers occasionally coordinate outdoor temperatures with their wardrobes, seasonal pieces do become part of the seasonal story trend. Embracing the ‘60s California vibe, many shoppers are gravitating to lace and white fabric all-year round, not just spring or summer. The beauty of seasonless storytelling is that there are no rules, just the opportunity to shift garments all year.

Graubard projected Sport Nomad, Fever Dream and Swamp Thing will be three directions dominating designers’ Spring 2017 collections.

Athletic Americana highlights the Sports Nomad. Apparel lines under this category will include activewear pieces combined with crisp white shirtings, denim, plain T-shirt jerseys and natural linens.

“It is a lot of Americana, but also sport elements mixed with the wrapping and kind of way we expect ethnic clothes to be constructed with more forgiving fits,” Graubard said.

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Fever Dream is more exotic and mysterious, culling inspiration from futuristic cities and dark jungles. Designer apparel that falls into the Fever Dream trend will feature cellophane-like layers, animal prints and vivid pixel patterns.

Nature is also having a moment in collections, with Swamp Thing as another crucial trend. Consumers can expect dull greens, misty olives and mustard-golden hues for Spring 2017 clothing, in addition to more organic shapes and increased textures.

“It is going to take some time to change fashion week [to a ‘see now, buy now’ model] because of the way things are manufactured, it’s very hard to commit to fabric that early on without knowing that you are having orders unless you are a big company,” Graubard said. “But, at the same time I think it’s working…designers can expand in what they believe in.”