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MNY Launches Nonprofit The Manufacture Foundation

Manufacture New York (MNY) started a new organization that will support all involved in New York City’s diverse fashion sector.

The fashion social enterprise on Tuesday announced the launch of its new nonprofit, The Manufacture Foundation. The Manufacture Foundation was built on MNY’s mission of an equitable ecosystem for the city’s fashion designers, manufacturers, creators and entrepreneurs. This new non-profit will support MNY’s three programs: workforce training, public education and subsidized incubation.

Workforce training will include the establishment of a regional training hub in New York City. In partnership with FIT, The Manufacture Foundation will provide year-round apprenticeships and internships to educate students about current supply chain gap solutions and smart fabrics technology. Additional local partners, including Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation, Red Hook Initiative and Made in NYC, will also work with The Manufacture Foundation to develop a new business model for the future of the city’s fashion industry.

Public education means continuing to run classes, events, seminars and workshops to teach people about the importance of fashion, sustainability and technology in today’s competitive market. With The Manufacture Foundation, MNY’s public education will provide networking and learning opportunities, including emerging designer nights and interactive garment sessions.

Subsidized incubation programs will also increase under The Manufacture Foundation. MNY has interacted with more than 150 businesses in Manhattan’s Garment District, Sunset Park and Downtown Los Angeles. With subsidized incubation programs, fashion entrepreneurs will learn about solutions for startup challenges to foster their businesses.

To get involved in The Manufacture Foundation, the organization provides opportunities for fundraising, volunteering, teaching a class and mentoring.

“Together, we have the opportunity to combine resources through The Manufacture Foundation to take this positive impact to the next level,” said MNY CEO Bob Bland. “I’m so inspired by everyone we’ve met over the past four years and know we are on the verge of a transformative revolution in the American fashion industry.”