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MVP Collections Pioneers Men’s Plus-Size Movement

Finding fashionable apparel may be a struggle for plus-size men, but MVP Collections is changing the way the big and tall consumer dresses every day.

Former baseball player and three-time MLB All Star Mo Vaughn launched MVP Collections after several frustrating shopping experiences. As a consumer who didn’t fall under standard men’s sizing and who couldn’t find trendy apparel at big and tall stores, Vaughn decided it was time to change the industry that neglected his fashion needs.

“All these years I was able to afford to get my clothing custom made and since I could never find clothing with style at any of the retailers offering Big & Tall Clothing, I felt there was an opportunity to offer the customer fashionable options,” Vaughn said.

Unlike other men’s retailers, MVP Collections tackles a major issue for the plus-size male consumer, which is apparel fit.

“The average men’s waist size in the U.S. is between 40 inches and 46 inches,” Vaughn said. “Most of the fashionable brands only offer up to 44 inches if you’re lucky enough to find it, not to mention the limited offering on longer lengths on tops and limited inseams on denim.”

MVP Collections currently includes affordable and stylish garments in apparel sizes 1XL to 4XL and denim sizes 38 to 50. The curation features three lifestyle categories, including Althleisure, Weekend Wear and Night Out for versatile wardrobe options. To further expand its clothing merchandise, MVP Collections also debuted a Camo Collection and Velour Collection, which include functional and stylish apparel for everyday needs. All garments are produced in the U.S. to fulfill consumer demand and support domestic manufacturing efforts.

Today, fashion isn’t limited to one shopper demographic. MVP Collections is paving the way for a better men’s fashion industry, one that doesn’t constrain the style needs of the unconventional male consumer, according to Vaughn. From a night with friends to an office meeting, MVP Collections brings trendy, comfortable and functional apparel solutions for big and tall male consumers.

“It’s pretty simple, there are not many brands offering fashionable options and there is very limited distribution of those who are,” Vaughn said. “We feel there will be other players in this lane and plus-size men will finally have some options to choose from.”