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Need Daily Style Advice? Amazon Has an App for That.

Amazon can now critique wardrobe choices for its Prime members.

On March 9, the e-tailer launched “Outfit Compare,” a shopping feature that provides fashion advice, exclusively for Prime members, TechCrunch reported.

With Outfit Compare, consumers to take a photo and receive feedback from stylists on their daily outfits. The app fosters a more seamless dressing routine, while at the same time allowing Amazon to deliver a more personalized experience to its shoppers.

In the latest version of Amazon’s shopping app, Outfit Compare lives in the sidebar navigation area of the Programs and Features section. This space is normally where Amazon posts new services, including curated recommendations.

The feature is easy to use. First, a shopper is told to post two photos of themselves wearing two different outfits with a neutral background or in front of a full-length mirror. The shopper can then submit the photos to Amazon and a minute later, an Amazon stylist will notify the shopper about which outfit looks better on them.

The stylists’ recommendations are based on how the clothes fit, what colors compliment the shopper best, how the outfits are styled and current fashion trends. When the shopper gets the results, the best outfit is evaluated by a “style scale” that includes three options, “Definitely pick this one,” “We like this better,” and “It was a close call.”

For consumers concerned about privacy, Amazon assures that photos are only viewed by Amazon staff and can be deleted within the Outfit Compare feature.

Non-Prime members will also be able to view the feature in their shopping app, but will be prompted to sign up for Prime if they would like to actually use it.

This feature could help Amazon gain more Prime members with the feature, but there’s no telling yet how—or if—it will boost the company’s bottom line.

Either way, Amazon has been making improvements to its shopping app lately. Earlier this week, the company added Alexa, its virtual assistant, to the app to answer questions and control smart home advices.

Outfit Compare is now available on iOS devices and an Android version will debut soon.