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Neiman Marcus Enhances E-commerce Experience with Customizable Site

Neiman Marcus is curating its online content to suit the needs of individuals. The luxury department store recently launched MyNM, an online service that brings customized and personalized information to online shoppers through a dashboard of widgets finessed to the user’s preferences, favorite designers and nearest Neiman Marcus store.

The online platform streamlines the search process by tailoring products into a range of categories—or widgets—based on what’s new since the online shopper last visited the site, Neiman Marcus’ most requested items, trending products, as well as product suggestions and new sale items. When a widget is clicked on, a slideshow begins with product images and details, allowing the shopper to favorite and share products through wish lists. Another widget makes it easy for shoppers to keep tabs on events and sales at Neiman Marcus locations of their choice.

Ginger Reeder, Neiman Marcus vice president of corporate communication, told Luxury Daily, “This personalization is an attempt to replicate the personal relationships that are the hallmark of our customer/associate relationships in our stores.” She added, “The more you shop with at particular associate, the more he or she knows about your taste, your lifestyle, etc. In the same way, the more a customer uses MyNM, the more personalized it will become.”

Neiman Marcus is just the latest retailer stepping up its customizable shopping options. Barney’s New York culls consumer data from each shopper’s visit to help make search results more relevant. Likewise, users of Macy’s My Wallet can receive special offers and can store their favorite items on shareable wish lists.