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Neiman Marcus Launches 3D Visual Fashion Search App

Instead of walking down the street wondering where a stranger got that amazing handbag or perfect pumps, consumers will now find it easier to track those items down. Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus has made it even simpler to stay on top of the latest fashion – all with just one tap on a smartphone.

The already sleek and structured Neiman Marcus mobile app now has an added innovative feature called “Snap. Shop. Find.” The fashion retailer has teamed up with leading mobile visual search firm, Slyce (SLC), to make shopping even more seamless from any channel.

All consumers need to do is open the “Snap. Shop. Find.” feature on the app, snap a photo of the sought-after fashion item, and a list of similar products found at will pop up. The user doesn’t need to do any cropping or editing, and photos can be taken of real-life products or even printed images in a magazine or book. Neiman Marcus is the first luxury retailer to offer such a feature through its mobile application.

By integrating the find feature into the existing app, users don’t have to go through the trouble of downloading a separate application. According to, one of the most important things to Neiman Marcus consumers–or savvy mobile users in general–is instant gratification. Shoppers see something they want and they want it right away.

Other applications like Cream Style have incorporated the same concept. Cream Style, however, displays a list of street style photos with links to different products, whereas Neiman Marcus allows users to snap their own photos and all products provided are the Neiman Marcus brand.

For now, the feature has been introduced to the public with the ability to search shoes and handbags, but additional categories will be added in the future. The visual aspect of this application along with the ability to achieve instant results is what makes the feature so promising. “Today, most online shopping begins with search – either through key words or navigating filters, and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words,” according to Wanda Gierhart, Neiman Marcus Group CMO.