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Nobitech Debuts Bug Repellent Athletic Apparel Line

One company is not allowing the Zika virus to affect active lifestyles.

Nobitech just launched the only athletic apparel line that repels harmful insects, including mosquitos that may carry the deadly sickness as well as other infectious illnesses.

The new line includes performance tees, jackets and pants that protect against many bugs, including chiggers, fleas and ticks. Fabric in each item features Skintex technology, which is the only apparel treatment that repels mosquitoes with microencapsulation technology approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In addition to its EPA approval, the new line is also durable and odorless.

Permethrin, a slow release synthetic repellent, is present in the apparel fabric. It is similar to a natural insect-fighting chemical called pyrethrum, which is derived from crushed chrysanthemum flowers. As a contact insecticide, it damages the nervous system and eventually kills insects if they are near an individual’s clothing. The repellency will also stay effective for 25 washings.

Anovotek, Expert Brand Apparel and Pulcra together developed Nobitech’s line after addressing a need for bug repellent clothing in today’s athleisure market. Starting this month, consumers will be able to buy garments from the bug repellent line and ward off bites without giving up outdoor activities.