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Ohm K Brings Yoga Apparel Manufacturing to Brooklyn

Ohm K founders Katharine Lucic and Katie Vohwinkel aim to bring a bit of humor to the Zen world of yoga. And while doing so, are supporting their local Brooklyn community.

The Brooklyn-based company made its mark on the local yoga scene when it launched a line of pun-infused T-shirts and tanks with graphics like an Elvis Presley-inspired “You Ain’t Nothin But a Down Dog” in August. As fitness instructors-turned-entrepreneurs, Lucic said she and Vohwinkel weren’t looking to fill an unmet need when they decided to go into business. “We really just like the puns, but then this idea grew into a brand that could encouraged people to be okay with who they are,” she explained.

Today, the line, comprised of 25 unique cotton and cotton blend tops, leggings and totes, including some unisex T-shirts, have generated a Brooklyn following by holding trunk shows in neighborhood yoga studios and enlisting a team of local businesses to produce its goods—a task that Lucic admits hasn’t been easy.

She said, “We haven’t found a lot of manufacturing right here. That has been a challenge, but we’re learning as we go. We believe in our community and want to support it.”

Lucic added, “It is more expensive to produce goods here, but it makes us feel good about how we are spending our time and where our money goes. It feels like a tight-knit community and we can literally go see our printers. It’s not an email relationship.”

By keeping the production and conversation local, Lucic and Vohwinkel see a future where the brand can offer retreats and events for its fan base the co-owners affectionately call the “Ohm K Girls,” which are invited to share their Ohm K looks and yoga adventures on the company’s Instagram and Facebook.

Part of that feel-good, community-building initiative includes supporting other women. Specific shirts in Ohm K’s collection are connected to the company’s give back program. One dollar from each of these purchases is donated to Exhale to Inhale, a New York-based program that offers survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault free yoga classes.

Lucic added, “We want to make product that, in a way, make women feel happy about spending their money.”