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Pantone’s SS22 Color Trend Report Finds Comfort and Optimism in Uncertainty

New York Fashion Week is back—and with it, Pantone’s Spring/Summer Color Trend Report.

Released Wednesday, the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report Spring/Summer 2022 edition for New York Fashion Week highlights the key hues that the color authority’s trend forecasting arm, the Pantone Color Institute, expects to see as designers introduce their latest collections over the next week.

According to Pantone Color Institute experts, the selected hues—it named 10 standout colors and current takes on five core classics—reflect an “aspiration for balance as we move into a different landscape” and embody a need for comfort, clarity and security, as well as “free-spirited optimism and a feeling of new liberation.”

“As we enter this new landscape where fashion rules no longer apply, hues for Spring/Summer 2022 allow us to mix and marry as we please, encouraging the exploration of new chromatic realities, and opening the door for personalized style and spontaneous color statements,” Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said in a statement.

Among the identified colors are PANTONE 12-4401 Spun Sugar, a sweetened pastel blue, and the soft and powdery PANTONE 13-1513 Gossamer Pink. Calming and cooling PANTONE 16-4118 Glacier Lake, meanwhile, conveys serenity, while PANTONE 18-4728 Harbor Blue “reflects our search for a safe space,” Pantone said. Adding a note of warmth is the earthy brown of PANTONE 18-1019 Coca Mocha.

The Spring/Summer 2022 NYFW color palette also includes several brighter hues: the tantalizing red of PANTONE 18-2042 Innuendo, the deep blue of PANTONE 19-4151 Skydiver, the joyful yellow of PANTONE 14-0850 Daffodil, the dynamic purple of PANTONE 18-3324 Dahlia and the heated red of PANTONE 18-1564 Poinciana.

In addition to its larger color palette, Pantone also identified current takes on five core classics. PANTONE 11-0602 Snow White offers a clean and pure white, “expressive of our desire for simplicity and uninterrupted inner peace,” it said, while PANTONE 13-0003 Perfectly Pale provides a subtle sandy beige, echoing the comfort of warm beachy retreats. The sweet and savory green of PANTONE 16-6216 Basil reflects the cultural movement toward health and wellness. The pale gray of PANTONE 14-4104 Northern Droplet channels feelings of tranquility. The deep gray PANTONE 18-4004 Poppy Seed closes things out with “timeless familiarity.”