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Pantone’s NYFW Color Trend Report Expresses Inclusive ‘New Reality’

Pantone’s colors of the season are here. 

On Friday, Pantone, the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, released its Autumn/Winter 23-24 Color Trend Report for New York Fashion Week. The report features the top 10 “standout” colors it expects to see on the runway as fashion designers roll out their new collections.

According to Pantone Color Institute experts, colors for NYFW A/W 23-24 are “expressive of a new reality” while opening a space for “free,” “fun” and “inclusive color imaginings.”

“Colors for NYFW A/W 23-24 reach out beyond what we think is possible to catapult us into this new era, taking us to a place where boundaries of time, place and identity are no longer fixed,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. 

Among the colors identified are Tender Peach, a light and airy shade with a “soft and easy touch,” Rose Violet, a “tantalizing” fuchsia, High Visibility, a warm and “splendor” color, Persian Jewel, a “noble” blue hue, Carnival Glass, a “mentholated” green with an “icy” appearance and Kohlrabi, a “tasty” green with a hint of spice.

Rounding out the NYFW A/W 23-24 palette are an array of reds, including 2023 Color of the Year Viva Magenta, an animated red “encouraging experimentation and self-expression,” Red Orange, a “heated” orange tone, Red Dahlia, a deep red, and Burnt Sienna, which conveys “sophisticated earthiness.”

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“A friendly mix of joyful tones and traditional shades re-contextualized with a modern edge, colors for NYFW A/W 2023-2024 express a step up in tempo. Serving as a vehicle for vitality and enthusiasm, this season’s colors bring about limitless self-expression and encourage us to awake and enjoy the A/W season,” Eiseman said.

In addition to the 10-shade color palette, Pantone released five new colors, including Coconut Milk, a milky white, Eclipse, a “shadowed” blue, Doe, a “tawny and tactile” brown, Hot Fudge, a rich brown and Silver Birch, an “eternal” natural gray.